Serenity & Olivia Script Font

Serenity & Olivia Script Font Embedded License

Serenity & Olivia CharactersSerenity & Olivia Characters
Serenity & Olivia Characters
Serenity & Olivia Characters

Introducing Serenity & Olivia Extended Embedded Font License!

A beautiful flowing script font – carefully created using a pointed pen and ink. Each letter is unique and perfect for anyone looking for a modern calligraphy font. I have spent many hours designing and developing this font with oodles of extra features so that you can have the effect of a modern calligraphy script as if it was written by you. Perfect for product packaging, branding, logo design, blog posts, wedding invitation suites or just for fun!

Complete with stylistic, uppercase and end form alternatives you can be as creative as you wish with this font. It also includes a bonus selection of swash style symbols for you add to your artwork.


Serenity & Olivia Script (OTF, TTF)
Serenity & Olivia Symbols (OTF, TTF)
Serenity & Olivia Web Fonts
Fonts include multilingual support.
Ligatures, stylistic alternatives, end forms and alternative uppercase are all available with software that has opentype capability or a glyphs panel. For example: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc. Simply highlight the letter you wish to change and a small box will appear below the letter with the alternative options.
To access the bonus symbols type uppercase A-E and then select Serenity & Olivia Symbol font to see them transform into lovely calligraphy swash symbols. Resize as required.

This extended embedded license allows the following:

• To distribute as many copies of the end product as you would like
• To install the font on one computer per license
• To use in an unlimited quantity of for-profit or promotional business purposes
• To modify or manipulate the Item, or incorporate it into other content
• A non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce the Item worldwide, in perpetuity
• To create or allow end users to create embedded documents
• To distribute such embedded documents to end users
• To grant end users the right to use the font software to print, view and edit the embedded documents

The extended embedded license does not allow you to:

• Resell Serentiy & Olivia Script as if it were your own
• Distribute Serentiy & Olivia Script with client proofs, or in unflattened files
• Offer Serentiy & Olivia Script in a giveaway or promotion
• You agree that the font software shall be incorporated in an embedded document in such a manner that it cannot be extracted from the embedded document, will not be usable except with the embedded document, and cannot be used or accessed by any unauthorized third party from a licensed server, development server or otherwise.

I think that covers everything – I really hope you enjoy using this font, it has been great fun to create this for you and I would love to see your creations!